WILM “Busts a Move” with its New Fall Lineup

Bust a MoveWILM-TV is getting its viewers excited for the new Fall Television lineup by “Busting a Move”!  They’re changing some of their daytime programming lineup by adding new shows.

To promote this exciting campaign, WILM-TV will give advertisers and viewers the chance to be a part of the promotion on camera.  So, if you see the WILM-TV FJ Cruiser on the streets, be prepared to “bust a move” to show your support.  Everyone at the station will be keeping an eye out for willing participants.  You might even see a few of us “bust a move” with you!

The concept is simple.  Promote the new daytime programming, have fun doing it and get the community involved!

The new talk show Anderson, hosted by CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper, premiere’s on September 12th.  Cooper, also known as the “Silver Fox”, is sure to get the ladies hearts pumping!

# 1 in daytime, Dr. Phil, premiere’s on WILM September 12th.  This show continues to show impressive growth and has greater reach than its talk show competitors. 

Finally, to start off each night with a bang, WILM welcomes television’s # 1 primetime comedy, The Big Bang Theory, 6 nights a week in access.  On September 19th, viewers will see this cast prove that smart is the new sexy!

These new shows coupled with existing shows such as Rachel Ray, The Price is Right, How I Met Your Mother and The Talk will be enough for any viewer to “Bust a Move” to WILM’s Daytime!

Bust A Move

Thanks to WILM’s Christa Phillips for this capcom story & graphic.



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