Dreams Become Reality at American Tobacco

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From GSK Exec to County Sheriff to Civil Rights Activist, New Exhibit Brings Visions of Innovation, Diversity to Life

Durham Dreams Hard work, bounding ambition and team spirit led to the creation of the vibrant Durham we know today. It all started with a shared dream that Durham, despite economic turmoil, still held a lot of promise, followed by community-wide action to fulfill that vision of success.

For Eleatta Diver, whose exhibit, “Durham Dreams,” opened September 2, 2011, at American Tobacco, the transformation of Durham from dream to reality has meant an opportunity to flourish as an artist in her hometown.

“‘Durham Dreams’ is dedicated to the dreams held and shared by leaders who transformed the city into the business and cultural leader it is today,” said Diver. “We also want to inspire that next generation of dreamers who will take Durham to an even greater level of prosperity and enrichment.”

Durham Dreams is a collection of original “Dream Portraits” – representations of dreams for Durham from some of the city’s leaders. Some of the “Dreamers” include

  • Bill Kalkhof, president, Downtown Durham, Inc.
  • Sheriff Worth Hill, Durham County
  • Bill Shore, director, U.S. Community Partnerships for GlaxoSmithKline
  • Ernie Mills, founder, Durham Rescue Mission
  • Councilwoman Cora Cole-McFadden, Durham City Council
  • MaryAnn Black, Duke University Health
  • Kelly Bryant, civil rights leader

“I love to tell the story of Durham’s progression over the last 15 years,” said Michael Goodmon, vice president of real estate for Capitol Broadcasting Company, which owns American Tobacco. “Capitol Broadcasting Company and American Tobacco are honored to have played the role we did in revitalizing this great city with the teamwork of many of the dreamers featured in this exhibit. We’ve come along way and there is still much to do!”

The collection of 12 paintings will hang in the Strickland Lobby for the first time in its entirety. The exhibit can be viewed online here.

A portion of proceeds from sales of the “Durham Dreams” series will benefit the East Durham Children’s Initiative.

WHAT: “Durham Dreams,” an exhibit of 12 paintings by Eleatta Diver inspired by the dreams of Durham leaders

WHERE: The Strickland Lobby at the American Tobacco Campus (near Cuban Revolution restaurant)

WHEN: September 2 – October 31st (Open Mon – Sun, 9a.m – 6p.m.)

Cost: Free

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