The X Factor

So the world knows that Simon Cowell walked away from the biggest show on TV, aka AMERICAN IDOL, to create, produce and judge THE X FACTOR. Like Simon said, “it’s a huge gamble but that’s what makes it exciting.”

For months, FOX 50 made THE X FACTOR a major priority. From the local auditions in April to the multitude of on-air promos, mall ads, radio spots, web take-over, Facebook posts, Tweets…you name it, and we promoted it.

So…did all the hard work and massive promotion pay off? Well…FOX 50 was the NUMBER ONE FOX affiliate IN THE COUNTRY! That’s right.

THE X FACTOR on FOX 50 placed #1 among ALL FOX affiliates during the debut on Wednesday, Sept 21st, and won the night locally. That means FOX 50 in Raleigh, even beat the “major” markets like New York and LA!

THE X FACTOR has arrived and we say “welcome”!

Why Watch?
Check out video of one amazing story & audition HERE.
Then watch FOX 50 next Wed & Thurs from 8:00-10:00pm to see more of the audition phase of this hot new show.

Thanks to FOX 50’s Kevin Kolbe for this capcom story & graphic.


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