Church at the Ballpark

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Church at the DBAP
The Durham Bulls Athletic Park became a church for 6,700 congregants on Sunday, Sept 18th.

The Durham Bulls 2011 season may be over, but the front office staff isn’t allowing any dust to collect on the concourse. Shortly after the last home game, over 350 yoga enthusiasts took to the field for the Neverending Om. And on Sunday, Sept 18th, the ballpark turned into a church.

Durham Bulls Vice President George Habel tells about the Sunday event in his blog “Note to Self”:

“The Summit Church meets at five different locations in the Triangle, and the entire RDU congregation – with guests – were invited to the DBAP on Sunday morning. 6700 people attended the outdoor service!”

What will the Bulls host next?

Check out the latest:

Thanks to DBBC’s George Habel for this capcom story.


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