African Bishop Tours WRAL-TV Studios

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Bishop Cyprien Mbuka Nkuanga
African Bishop Cyprien Mbuka Nkuanga gets to sit at the helm of WRAL-TV’s Master Control.

When Bishop Cyprien Mbuka Nkuanga drove by the WRAL-TV campus on his way to the nearby Catholic Diocese headquarters, he knew that he wanted to come back to visit the facility.

Nkuanga has very small radio station that serves his diocese in the African country of Congo. They also have a very basic video production operation that he has dreams of expanding in the Boma Diocese that he heads.

When he recently toured WRAL, he told us he had never seemed such a cutting edge technology operation and was extremely “wowed” in his words.

Gary Tann
WRAL-TV’s Gary Tann (seated) tells the group about the inner-workings of keeping WRAL on air.
WRAL-TV tour
Bishop Nkuanga & his group get a tour of hte newsroom.

The Bishop is visiting the area to confer with one of his priest, Father Roger Nyimi Malonda, who is parochial vicar at St. Mary, Mother of the Church in Garner.  

Fr. Malonda stated, “The Bishop was pleased to learn more on how he can improve and make the small radio & television station in his diocese a powerful instrument of evangelization.”

He also wanted to know what we did with our old equipment.

The Bishop’s tour was arranged by Corporate HR Assistant Mary Eaton, a member of St. Mary’s.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Clarence Williams for this capcom story & these capcom photos.

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