Get Your Hoop Team In the Game!

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American Tobacco Gets Set for Battle in Bay 7 to Benefit Local Schools

Battle in Bay 7Are you ready to battle on the hardwoods?  Get a few co-workers together & sign up to compete in the Battle in Bay 7 at American Tobacco in downtown Durham.  The tourney is set for March 28 – 30.

Each team will select a local public school to represent in the 32-team tournament.

Deadline to register your team is March 9, 2012.  Your roster is limited to 4 players, and all players must be employees of the sponsoring company.  Male or female players are eligible. Entry fee is $250.

Each team will play on behalf of a local public school of its choice. Awarded prizes will directly benefit the athletic departments of winning schools. First prize will take $2,500 and second place will earn a $1,500 for the athletic department of their selected school.

So dust off those Air Jordan Nikes and get ready to play!


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