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Microspace Communications Exceeds Growth Estimates, Poised for Additional Milestones in 2012

Microspace Communications Corporation saw a year of significant growth in both new and existing customers and market segments in 2011. In terms of existing customers, 2011 saw a high percentage of Velocity™ customers reaching the end of their contract terms for audio, video, and data delivery services.

As the year progressed, Microspace was successful in renewing over 95% of these customers with new multiyear agreements.

“Our successful year of renewing Velocity services speaks highly of the level of service and dedication to customers that Microspace provides. We are thrilled that we will continue to provide services on the Velocity platform well into the next decade. “ stated Greg Hurt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Microspace.

In addition to existing customers and market segments, Microspace saw growth in new and emerging areas such as digital cinema, digital signage and cable network advertising distribution services.

Microspace’s technology proved ideal for a wide variety of digital signage applications. Whether a signage network required streaming, file delivery, full time connectivity or just a weekly or monthly content update, Microspace provided a solution that fit the need perfectly.

In Digital Cinema, Microspace continued to be a leader in both digital movie delivery and the delivery of live alternative content to digital movie screens. Microspace’s alternative content program expanded to 29 live events in 2011. These were broadcast live from cities around the globe, including Moscow, Paris, Milan, London and Tokyo

In 2012, Microspace Digital Cinema will also deliver a full slate of releases from one major studio as well as partial slates of select releases from several other major studios.

Much of the renewed interest in Microspace’s satellite delivery solution is based around the presentation of Microspace’s OTP plan, OPEN, TRANSPARENT & PROVEN, at ShowEast this past year. This transparent business model allows each of the stakeholders to see and understand the contributions and efficiencies of satellite delivery for digital cinema.

“As the motion picture industry has started to see maturity and consolidation occur in the digital cinema delivery space, Microspace felt it was critically important for each of the stakeholder groups to understand the relative benefits and efficiencies of satellite delivery. With the OPEN, TRANSPARENT & PROVEN plan—studios, exhibitors and alternative content providers all have a clear understanding of how the model works from all sides and are shown a clear path to the efficiencies and savings that can be realized using Microspace for digital cinema delivery,” stated Curt Tilly, Director of Digital Cinema Distribution at Microspace.

2011 also saw Microspace expanding into services complimentary to its traditional satellite offerings including Microspace’s new Cellcast™ product. Cellcast™ is a hybrid service offering that utilizes cellular networks along with Microspace’s traditional satellite services to provide cost effective hybrid solutions for efficient data delivery and management.

“Used together or separately Velocity™ and Cellcast™ allow Microspace to develop market segments that have traditionally been hard to reach with satellite alone.” Hurt continued, “As technologies develop that have potential benefits to existing and future customers, Microspace remains committed to being at the forefront of managed content delivery”

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