FOX 50 & American Tobacco Plant Pinwheels to Prevent Child Abuse

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Pinwheels for Prevention
The lawn between American Tobacco & FOX 50 is now the largest pinwheel garden in the state, in honor of Prevent Child Abuse NC.
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What do 1,000 planted pinwheels look like? Thanks to FOX 50 Vice President & General Manager Tommy Schenck, a long-time Board Member for Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina, now we know!

FOX 50 and American Tobacco staff, along with volunteers from Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina, planted 1000+ pinwheels on April 3, 2012, in recognition of National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

“By working together to support children and families, we can prevent abuse before it occurs and offer all children the opportunity to grow up to be successful, contributing members of their communities,” said Scheck of the effort.

Schenck and a staff members met with CBC Vice President of Real Estate Michael Goodmon in mid-March regarding a possible “Pinwheel Garden” at ATC.

Staffers from FOX 50 & American Tobacco join volunteers from Prevent Child Abuse NC work together to plant the pinwheel garden.

Schenck said, “Goodmon and his staff moved quickly to make this happen; now the largest pinwheel  garden in North Carolina! Many of the CBC divisions have partnered with PCANC on various initiatives over the years. (The WRAL campus was also considered for a pinwheel garden, but rumor has it there is some construction going on over there.)”

There was a great deal of pre-planning for the CBC Durham pinwheel garden involved including multiple consultations with CBC’s dynamic lawn duo, Tim Grissom and Rodney Collier.  Grissom and Collier were instrumental in developing the planting spot, lawn growth strategies and coming up with a quick and easy way to plant the pinwheels.  Their solution…chopsticks!

In addition, ATC hired the Scrape Exchange to come up with some large “art” pinwheels made out of recycled and reclaimed materials.  In turn, ATC will donate the pinwheels on display back to the Scrape Exchange so they can be re-purposed into other art projects. 

The LARGEST pinwheel garden in North Carolina has turned out to be a huge hit with Moms and kids of all ages!

About Pinwheels for Prevent and Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina
Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina is the only statewide nonprofit dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect. The organization works with communities across the state to help build safe, stable, nurturing relationships for all children.

Pinwheels for PreventionHealthy child development is the foundation for our state’s social and economic development. During April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, North Carolina’s Chapter of Prevent Child Abuse celebrates the important role communities play in ensuring children thrive. The pinwheel is the new symbol of child abuse prevention, representing the bright future all children deserve.

Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina and businesses across the state are planting thousands of pinwheels during April to create awareness and start a conversation about the role we all play in ensuring our children’s healthy growth and development.

Thanks to ATC’s Valerie Ward & FOX 50’s Tommy Schenck for this capcom story & to Ward for these capcom photos.


Pinwheels for Prevention at ATC FOX 50

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