Microspace Provides Connectivity for EAS (Emergency Alert Systems) in Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma

satellite Microspace client, Global Security Systems (GSS) has finalized arrangements with Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma that officially designate GSSNet Alert Studio, along with the GSSNet satellite network, as statewide CAP-EAS aggregation tools for creating, retrieving, and distributing Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages to Local Primary 1 and 2 (LP1/LP2) FM radio stations.  

According to Greg Hurt, VP of Sales and Marketing at Microspace, “We are honored to perform the content delivery role for the GSS Satellite network. GSS depends on Microspace to provide high reliability when emergency alert content must be delivered and we take that responsibility very seriously.”

The GSSNet Alert Studio and GSSNet Satellite are both state of the art digital technology and provide end-to-end GSS CAP-EAS solution for broadcasters.  When combined with ALERT-FM digital broadcast delivery of text messages to radio receivers, GSSNet Alert Studio including GSSNet provides a dedicated Digital network that provides complete end-to-end CAP source, transport, and broadcast dissemination system to cable, television, and radio, including wireless devices such as mobile phones.

About Global Security Systems
Global Security Systems (GSS) is a systems integrator, service provider and manufacturer of the ALERT FM, GSSNet Alert Studio and GSSNet satellite delivery system.  Global Security Systems has participated in the development of IPAWS based systems, is a member of the Commercial Mobile Alert Service systems committee, and is actively involved with several EAS and CAP committees.  The Global Security Systems nationwide GSSNet satellite delivery system for emergency alerts currently is in operation at over 300 locations in 16 states and growing daily, and includes the ability to generate and deliver CAP messages.

Thanks to Microspace for this capcom story.


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