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US News article Recently American Tobacco has gotten national press.  US News & World Report featured the campus for its role in revitalizing downtown Durham.   Meg Handley wrote about several redevelopment projects across the nation, leading off with Capitol Broadcasting’s major overhaul of the downtown Durham warehouses.

“Redevelopment Projects Give Historical Icons a Second Life” ran in the US News & World Report’s June 29, 2012, issue.  The subtitle hails, “Casualties of the changing face of American industry and culture, historic factories and districts were abandoned for decades. Now developers around the country are giving them a second life.”

Handley interviewed ATC Vice President of Real Estate Michael Goodmon for the piece.  He shared the story of how he, his father and CBC saw renovating American Tobacco as a big opportunity. 

A photo story accompanied the article, with several shots of the downtown Durham campus, “Historic Redevelopment Projects Across the U.S.”

See both US News & World Report articles here:

Backing Up the Food Truck
American Tobacco has also gotten some great exposure on the Live Well Network.   The program “My Family Recipes Rock” with Joey Fatone featured the Chirba-Chirba food truck in Durham.  American Tobacco appeared in the background of several great shots of the truck.

  • Watch the episode here

Thanks to ATC’s Valerie Ward for this capcom scoop & to Microspace’s John Bimrose for the tip about the Live Well Network.


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