Cows Are On Parade at American Tobacco

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Catcher Cow
Durham Bulls legend Crash Davis inspired Catcher Cow, commissioned by American Tobacco.
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Cows are now on parade at American Tobacco.  The campus is playing host to twelve of the decorated bovines as part of CowParade, the world’s largest public art exhibit.   The cows will be on display until December 1st.  The event benefits the North Carolina Children’s Hospital.

CowParade North Carolina 2012 features more than 150 art-covered cows scattered around the Triangle.  The statues will be auctioned off with funds going to the hospital.

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One of the American Tobacco cows is called Birtha. Andria Linn, a Durham artist, created her and came up with a way to sponsor the bovine herself. Linn made a video about the creation of Birtha, which she calls “The People’s Cow.” Watch her video here.

Thanks to ATC’s Valerie Ward for these capcom photos.


CowParade 2012 at American Tobacco

CowParade 2012 at American Tobacco

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