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Want to get weather alerts for your specific location when you are on the go? Want access to live video updates from the WRAL WeatherCenter while you are taking shelter?

Download the new premium WRAL Weather Radio App for iPhone and Android. The app alerts you to severe weather threats based on your current location. It also lets you add the addresses of your family and friends so you can know when severe weather is affecting those that matter most to you.

The app lets you customize the type of alerts you receive, and it gives you easy access to the WRAL WeatherCenter’s tweets and blogposts. Animated radar is included to show you the latest path of severe weather.

The app, developed in partnership with Weather Decision Technologies (WDT), carries a one-time cost of $9.99.

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More options for weather alerts
Don’t have a mobile phone? Want to be awakened in the middle of the night if a tornado is spotted near your home? You can subscribe to WRAL’s WeatherCall service. WRAL WeatherCall uses your street address to determine whether your home or business is inside a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning area. The cost is just $8 a year.

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If you don’t want to pay for alerts based on specific street address, you can sign up for free county-level e-mail alerts from WRAL.com.

You also can check the Weather Alerts section of the free WRAL News and WRAL Weather apps for iPhone and Android. Visit WRAL.com’s mobile downloads page for more information.

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