American Tobacco’s Averhart Becomes Goodmon Fellow

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Michael Goodmon, Jesica Averhart & Jim Goodmon
ATC’s Jesica Averhart receives her Leadership Triangle diploma from ATC’s Michael Goodmon (left) & Corp’s Jim Goodmon.
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American Tobacco Community Partnerships/New Business Developer Jesica Averhart recently joined the ranks of CBC’ers who have become Goodmon Fellows.   Averhart graduated from the latest Leadership Triangle course on Monday, December 10, 2012, during a luncheon in American Tobacco’s Bay 7 in Durham.

Averhart completed the Personal Development Program, a 7-week program Leadership Triangle holds each fall. 

“The LT program is highly regarded,” said Averhart of the reason she took the course.  “Several of my colleagues graduated Leadership Triangle and I knew that if the opportunity was presented to me, I would jump on it.”

She said her Leadership Triangle course was well worth her time.

“I loved the program,” said Averhart.  “The speakers were relevant and thought-provoking and the Personal Development and friendships I made…invaluable.”

Averhart also shared what inspired her most.  

“Of all the classes, the topic of authenticity had the most impact,” she said.  “I was taught from a young age by my grandfather that people can ‘see right through you… so just be yourself in all that you do.’  Yes, you’ll make mistakes.  Yes, your words won’t always come together the way you framed them in your head, but so what….people aren’t perfect and that’s what makes us relatable. 

Jesica Averhart
ATC’s Jesica Averhart is joined by her son, Tre, at her Leadership Triangle graduation.

“It was nice to have this concept validated,” she continued.  “In leadership, I value others and respect their leadership role when feel like I’m in the presence of the ‘real you’.  To own this concept is a big step in becoming a transformational leader.”

The keynote speaker for the graduation, Retired U.S. Army Colonel and LT Board Member Joe LeBoeuf echoed this sentiment that means so much to Averhart.

“There are many, many pathways to success,” told the crowd in his keynote speech.  “Think about your own way to lead, what path you’re on.”

He challenged the new Goodmon Fellows to take charge of their own path.

“We choose our attitude,” he said.  “You choose to become a good leader.”

The graduates were joined by their guests and Leadership Triangle alumni as they received their diplomas from CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon, former LT Board Chair, and ATC Vice President of Real Estate Michael Goodmon, the current Board Chair.

“Leading is about knowing, doing and being,” said LeBoeuf, telling the group that too often the emphasis weighs too heavily on the doing side.  He talked about the importance of self-awareness and reflection.

Capitol Broadcasting and American Tobacco were both sponsors of the noon event.

Leadership Triangle is now accepting applications for the 2013 Regional Leadership Program.  Register by December 31, 2012, and receive a $200 reduction in tuition.  Find out more here.


Leadership Triangle Fall Graduation

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