MIX’s 2013 Radiothon Brings in Over $1 Million for the Kids at Duke

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MIX’s 2013 Radiothon Brings in Over $1 Million for the Kids at Duke

“Do you know how wonderful it feels to look at that check and know a child will benefit from every penny?”
– MIX 101.5 Traffic Manager/Asst Morning Show Producer Vanna Fox

Check presentation
MIX 101.5 WRAL-FM presents a check for over $1 million to Duke Children’s Hospital at the close of the 2013 Radiothon.
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The totals are in and after two days of pleading for pledges and manning volunteer phone banks, generous MIX 101.5 listeners have raised $1,122,416.94.   WRAL-FM broadcast live from the hospital lobby during their 19th annual Radiothon for the Kids at Duke Children’s Hospital on Tuesday, Feburary 12th & Wednesday, February 13th.

WRAL-FM Traffic Manager & Morning Show Asst Producer Vanna Fox is a driving force behind the annual event.

“My perspective on Radiothon has changed over the past few years,” said Fox. “You see, I am a ‘Childless Mother’ and over the years, this has become my ‘child.’ For several years now I have worked year round securing corporate sponsorships. This means I get to spend lots of time at the hospital as well as speaking endlessly about what they do…and what we at MIX are able to do…ONLY because we work for a CBC company. A big part of our success is due to one thing…every dollar I get from a company and every dollar a listener calls in, goes directly to the hospital. ZERO admin fees…ZERO commission. Do you know how wonderful it feels to look at that check and know a child will benefit from every penny?”

WRAL-FM Asst Program Director/Music Director Jim Kelly has a special connection to Duke Children’s Hospital since his twins spent a great deal of time there after they were born several months premature.

Jim Kelly & Clay
WRAL-FM’s Jim Kelly (left) enjoys a visit with young Clay, who came by for Radiothonl.

“From first-hand experience, I know what a great hospital it is (my twins spent the first four months of their lives there and Aiden has been back several times for different surgeries), but I still get chills when I hear other families come back and tell their miraculous stories,” said Kelly.  “Some are happy, some are gut-wrenching. Through it all, you hear about the hope Duke Children’s Hospital gives these families. Obviously, it comes across on the radio. Over a million again this year, over 15 million total for the hospital, it’s just incredible and I thank our listeners so much. All we do is give the phone numbers, they are the ones that pick up the phone and make a difference. MIX listeners always come through for the kids!”

A Note from WRAL-FM Vice President & General Manager Ardie Gregory:
“The 19th annual Radiothon to benefit Duke Children’s Hospital proved once again that a small group of dedicated individuals can raise over a million dollars in two days if they are giving the message to the right audience.  The MIX101.5 listeners and sponsors responded to our message by donating $1,122,416 bringing our 19 year total to $15,378,416.  Our Radiothon continues to be one of the most successful in the world and I am both proud and humbled by the dedication of the staff at MIX and Duke Children’s.  Another wildly successful year!”

A variety of MIX staffers participate in the event.  On-air personalities interview guests and make pitches.  MIX Copywriter/On-Air Personality Jami Caskey and WRAL-FM Production Continuity Director Lori Rentsch create moving musical montages to help bring the need home.  And everyone from salespeople to producers comes to volunteer on the phone bank. 

“Working the phone bank is always an awesome experience and the entire Mix 101.5 Sales Staff took part for the final 3 hours of the event,” explained WRAL-FM Account Executive Barbara Purtee.  “During the check presentation of over 1.1 million dollars the phones kept ringing.  I kept answering them and got an additional 3 pledges totaling $2640.  It’s amazing to be a part of the longest running radiothon in the country and the entire on air staff, promotions team and management work so hard.”

Visitors from Wool E. Bull to Duke Football Coach David Cutcliffe to WRAL-TV’s David Crabtree and Coach K stopped by to help promote the Radiothon live on-air.  A parade of current and former Duke Children’s Hospital patients and their families stopped by to share their stories and encourage listeners to give.

Purtee shared a special story of one Duke patient who made a pitch on-air.

Barbara Purtee
WRAL-FM’s Barbara Purtee helps man the phone bank during the final hours of Radiothon 2013.
Jake the Jokeman & Vanna Fox
Jake the Jokeman chat with MIX’s Vanna Fox, sharing a few of his jokes.

“There was a little boy Jake the Jokeman that made a joke book,” explained Purtee.  “He has been at Duke Children’s Hospital since he was a baby and is now in 5th grade.  Lynda Loveland called out on air for $1,000 pledge.  A caller called in and pledged $50,000 for the joke book.  We all pretty much lost it with the emotions from him and his family. 

Everyone touched by Radiothon is energized and inspired by the two-day event.

“Duke Children’s Hospital diagnosed and saved the life of one of our families dearest friends a few years ago, so it’s not only special to be a part of the event with the station, but on a personal note I jump on the opportunity to donate my time and renew my 12-month donation.  It’s amazing to be a part of the greatness we do at CBC! Can’t wait for our 20th anniversary next year.”

Thanks to all the generous MIX listeners who donated and made the 2013 Radiothon such a success!

Thanks to WRAL-FM for these capcom photos.


2013 MIX 101.5 Radiothon for the Kids at Duke Children’s Hospital

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