American Tobacco’s Bay 7 Undergoing Changes

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Bay 7 Construction
Removal of the waterfall in American Tobacco’s Bay 7 takes place as part of the renovations.
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American Tobacco’s Bay 7 is usually a hub of activity for special events in Durham.  Bay 7 has been abuzz with activity in 2013, although not filled with the usual wedding attendees and awards luncheon goers .  Construction started after the first of the year and will progress through the end of March to renovate one of the premiere special events venues in the Triangle.

“While the majority of Bay 7 will stay the same, most changes will occur in what we call ‘back of house’,” explained ATC PR & Events Manager Valerie Ward.  “A full kitchen will be installed to include, ovens, fryers, coolers, freezers, plating stations, drink stations, and storage for tables and chairs.  On the upper level, Bridal changing areas and restrooms are being added.  These items will come online once the Angus Barn takes over on August 1.  The most noticeable change will be the removal of the waterfall.”

Angus Barn?  That’s right.  The renowned Triangle restaurateur will soon be taking over management and catering of Bay 7.  Ward explains why.

“A lot of venues in the Triangle operate with a similar model,” said Ward.  “It keeps the food and service consistent.  From a logistics standpoint, the set up will be more efficient for the caterer and venue…less overwhelming for the client.  An added benefit will be that the Angus Barn will be able to host multiple events per day.”

And that’s not all. 

“Another benefit of the Angus Barn taking over management and catering of Bay 7 is that they run a highly successful restaurant and the Pavilion,” she continued.  “Their sales and coordination team consists of 8+ people, so you can see where they are amply staffed to handle the volume of inquiries, logistics and multiple daily events.”

Bay 7 event
American Tobacco’s Bay 7 hosts hundreds of events each year. (Thanks to Walters & Walters for this event photo.)

slidesSlideshow: Bay 7 Events (photos by Walters & Walters)

slidesSlideshow: Bay 7 Events (photos by F8 Studios, Cara Galati)

Bay 7 will resume operation with its first event on April 5, 2013.  Clients already on the books before renovations began will have their event as promised and planned.  The booking of Bay 7 event dates has already resumed, but until the transition is complete, American Tobacco is only booking dates after August 1, 2013.

“Both Tex Law and I have been with Bay 7 since the beginning,” said Ward.  “It has been very satisfying to see the venue’s reputation grow to be become one of the most popular wedding venues in the Triangle.  We are both tasked with transitioning clients and operations to the Angus Barn in an efficient and timely manner.  While Bay 7 will eventually be removed from our areas of oversight, we’ve already been given several new projects and areas of responsibility within the Property Management portion of American Tobacco operations.”

To find out more about the Angus Barn, The Pavilion at the Angus Barn, and Bay 7, you can go to

Find out about leasing Bay 7 for your event here.

Stay tuned to capcom for more about the progress in Bay 7.

Thanks to ATC’s Valerie Ward for the construction photos. Thanks to Walters & Walters and F8 Studios for the pre-construction event photos from Bay 7.


Bay 7 Under Renovation

Bay 7 Under Renovation

Bay 7 Pre-Renovation Weddings

Bay 7 Under Renovation

Bay 7 Pre-Renovation Weddings

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