CBC Couple Releases First Film, Earns Five-Dove Review

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CBC Couple Releases First Film, Earns Five-Dove Review

John & Brittany Goodwin
CBC NMG’s John & WRAl-TV’s Brittany Goodwin spend their time outside of work making movies for their company Every New Day Pictures.

During regular business hours WRAL-TV Switchboard Receptionist Brittany Goodwin busily fields calls at the WRAL front desk and CBC New Media Account Executive John Goodwin pounds the pavement selling website advertising.  But look up the Goodwins off hours and you’ll find them making movies.

The CBC couple owns their own local faith-based film company called Every New Day Pictures.  In November 2011, they shot a feature film, Secrets in the Snow, which they released world-wide this January.  The Dove Foundation, which the Goodwins call the Ebert & Roeper of Christian Film, awarded the film five Doves, the highest honor awarded.  So far, the film is doing very well in domestic markets.

This, their debut film is currently available in all Christian retail stores as well as through Blockbuster Express and Amazon instant streaming.  The Goodwins are reaching out to local churches and schools to host movie nights for youth group and junior high/high school students.

Secrets in the Snow is an Official Selection of the Projecting Hope Film Festival in Charlotte, NC and will be showing on the big screen on March 10, 2013.

As a bit of trivia about the film, WRAL-TV Anchor Bill Leslie appears in the opening scene as none other than a news anchor.  The majority of Secrets in the Snow filmed at North Raleigh Christian Academy.

So why filmmaking for the Goodwins?

Secrets in the Snow“I originally thought I wanted to try to sell my script for Secrets in the Snow, but as I started talking with interested production companies I realized I really wasn’t willing to hand it off to someone else,” explained Brittany Goodwin.  “We started coming up for the idea of the company in 2010, as we decided we were just going to make the film ourselves. It was definitely a big risk, despite my background in the film industry, but we really felt like it was something God was leading us to do.”

Goodwin  shared how she originally came up with the idea for the film that inspired her and John to create Every New Day Pictures.

“I used to watch a John Hughes film almost every single day. (John has since helped me wean this habit, but not completely!)” she said.  “I loved The Breakfast Club and the other Brat-Pack films that told really true, coming-of-age stories. So I wanted to take that idea and clean it up, get rid of any language or questionable content and through in a subtle Christian message.”

After wrapping Secrets in the Snow, the Goodwins immediately began work on the sequel, Secrets in the Fall.  They shot the sequel last fall and are working on post-production.  They’ve been offered a distribution contract from the same company that handles Secrets in the Snow.  The release date is set for September 2013.

As their second film nears completion, the Goodwins aren’t resting.  Brittany Goodwin is currently writing another screenplay that she hopes they will begin filming this winter.

“We are keeping busy but we love it!” she said.

Both agree that “busy” is a key word in their self-owned business.

“Staying busy is the name of the game for END Pictures, and that includes continuing to write new stories and promoting the company to a diverse audience,” said John Goodwin.

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