Durham Magazine Asks American Tobacco’s Adam Klein Five Burning Questions

ATC logo Durham Magazine Asks American Tobacco’s Adam Klein Five Burning Questions
Adam Klein in Durham Magazine
Durham Magazine
features American Tobacco’s Adam Klein in the February/March 2013 issue.

Durham Magazine features American Tobacco Operations Manager Adam Klein in the publication’s latest issue, covering questions about the entrepreneurs attracted by the American Underground and why they choose Durham.   The article appears in the February/March 2013 edition.

The article, “Five Burning Questions with American Underground Chief Strategist Adam Klein,” opens with:  “At just 30, Adam Klein is spearheading Durham’s startup revolution.  He led the expectation-beating success of the incubator Startup Stampede during his years with the Chamber of Commerce before being lured last year to American Underground, a Star Wars-esque space in the basement of American Tobacco that also provides office space and a host of other resources to little companies with big dreams.”

The interviewer asked Klein why Durham is “so attractive to startups and entrepreneurs?”

Klein began his response by saying, “Durham is an incredible place to live; that’s the top of the list for so many entrepreneurs nowadays.  With technology leaps allowing one to start a company from almost anywhere, location and livability matter more than ever.  Places like American Tobacco, DPAC and The Carolina Theatre, and the restaurant/brewery scene make Durham a fun place to be.”

Klein also talked about the expansion of the American Underground, located below American Tobacco, to additional space at 201 W. Main Street, slated to open this spring.

Pick up a copy of the February/March 2013 issue of Durham Magazine for the full article.




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