The WRAL Gardens Are In Bloom

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WRAL Azalea Gardens
The WRAL Azalea Gardens are now in full bloom.

The WRAL Azalea Gardens are now in full bloom.  It’s a great time to stop by and see the beautiful azaleas and various other plants and flowers for yourself. Entrance to the gardens is free and open to the public.

Capitol Broadcasting Company founder, the late A.J. Fletcher, created the WRAL Gardens as a service to the community. The WRAL Gardens opened to the public in 1959, three years after WRAL-TV went on the air as the first UHF station in Raleigh. The WRAL Gardens surround WRAL-TV’s studios on Western Boulevard in Raleigh, NC .

“I did it because I knew it would be beautiful,” said Fletcher of his beloved gardens. “It was simply my way of paying a tribute to beauty for beauty’s sake.”

See the beauty that Fletcher created in person or check out this recent slideshow by

Thanks to’s Morgan Joyner for this capcom scoop & photo.

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