Capitol Broadcasting Launches Technology Blog

Capitol Broadcasting Launches Technology Blog CBC recently launched a new blog devoted to sharing our opinions and perspective on technology and policy issues. went live in April 2013, under the auspices of Corp Vice President of Policy & Innovation Sam Matheny.

“This has been something that CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon and CBC New Media Vice President & General Manager Jimmy Goodmon have wanted to put in place for a while,” said Matheny.  “There is so much going on in our industry as it relates to public policy, the FCC, and new technology.  We wanted a way for our voice to be heard and the blog makes for a wonderful place to point people for more information about our perspectives.” is also tied to the CBCView twitter account.  Matheny has begun contributing, and envisions other CBC executives joining in as well.

“We started tweeting last year and we hope to use both in tandem as an outreach mechanism and ultimately it’d be great if the blog became a destination folks bookmarked as a relevant site with meaningful opinions on topical issues,” he said.  

 He praised a behind-the-scenes team at CBC New Media for helping him get the blog organized and up and running.

“Special thanks to CBC NMG Marketing Manager Lisa Jeffries for her social media and WordPress skills, CBC NMG Director of Technology Jason Priebe for his technical expertise and CBC NMG Design Manager David Sweeney for his assistance with the header,” said Matheny.  “And to General Manager John Conway for sharing the talents of his wonderful team to get this off the ground.”  

Thanks to Corp’s Sam Matheny for contributions to this capcom story.

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