Korean Scholars Visit WRAL Through UNC Journalism Program

WRAL-TV logo
Rick Gall & Visiting Scholars
WRAL-TV News Director Rick Gall (left) talks with visiting scholars Hee-Jin Yang and Young-Woo Jang about the WRAL news operation.

Reporter Hee-Jin Yang and Producer Young-Woo Jang are a part of a year-long visiting scholar program at the UNC School of Journalism. They were constantly hearing of the high level of television journalism being practiced at WRAL-TV from various members of the UNC staff.

They decided that perhaps they should start watching the newscasts to confirmed the assessment that they were given.

After viewing the station for a period they checked with Professor Richard Cole, the Director of the Visiting International Scholars Program School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Newsroom tour
WRAL staffers give the visiting scholars a tour of the newsroom.
Hee-Jin Yang & Young-Woo Jang
Hee-Jin Yang and Young-Woo Jang get a behind-the-scenes look at WRAL.

The UNC Journalism School has  a longstanding relationship with CBC/WRAL-TV. Indeed, many of their staffers are former CBCers. The UNC News production studio is named for former CBC V.P.’s John Greene and Ben Waters.

Professor Cole asked WRAL.com General Manager John Conway for his assistance in arranging a” behind the scenes” visit for Yang & Jang. WRAL-TV News Director Rick Gall gave his approval, assigning WRAL-TV News Managing Editor Bonnie Moore to devise a plan that would offer them a comprehensive look at the newsroom.

The two were invited to attend the morning news planning meeting and were in fact “embedded” with news crews. They went out with reporters Bruce Milwurf and Beau Minnick and their photographers. Yang and Jang watched the writing and editing process, the presentation of the stories in the control room, and finally the post-production critique.

They left the station with a unique prospective on how WRAL-TV gathers and report the news and stated that many of the procedures would be adopted and taken back to South Korea.

Yang and Jang are both mid-career professionals with the Korean Broadcasting System, the biggest one in the country.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Clarence Williams for this capcom story & these capcom photos.

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