Microspace New Satellite Service Into Latin America

Velocity Latin America Microspace is excited to announce a brand new satellite service into Latin America.   This new service called VELOCITY LA+2 utilizes the powerful SATMEX 8 Ku Band satellite and provides users with a huge Latin American footprint.  Microspace will offer full time as well as occasional use services on VELOCITY LA+2.

Find out more about Microspace’s VELOCITY service in general – high-speed video, data & audio broadcasting – here.  VELOCITY provides a perfect solution for businesses that require economical and reliable video or high-speed data delivery to multiple locations. Compared to terrestrial solutions, VELOCITY is quicker and easier to implement along with having, in many cases, significant cost savings

For more information on how your company could benefit from a multicast network, specifically on the new VELOCITY LA+2 service, please check out Microspace’s Velocity Latin America Broadcasting page or call (919) 850-4500, or by filling out this online contact form.

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Thanks to Microspace for this capcom story & graphic.


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