Women’s Center Honors Browder for Stories about Homeless

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Women’s Center Honors Browder for Stories about Homeless

Cullen Browder
WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Cullen Browder receives an honor from the Women’s Center of Wake County.

WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Cullen Browder recently received an honor for a series of stories he did about a homeless couple in the Triangle.  Both Browder and WRAL received recognition for the series “Invisible Homeless” and for advocating for the homeless.

The Women’s Center of Wake County presented the award at their annual fundraiser, THRIVE, an Evening Benefit for the Fight Against Homelessness on Tuesday, September 24, 2013.  The evening event took place at Caffe Luna in downtown Raleigh.

The non-profit recognized Browder “for his wonderful advocacy for the homeless in a number of stories he has done.”  The annual event brought in over $20,000 to contribute to helping homeless women and children in the Triangle.

Browder talked to Capcom about his work on the stories.

“In 2012, WRAL wanted to tell a different, more powerful homeless story,” explained Browder.  “That took incredible access to a struggling family.  The Women’s Center of Wake County helped us find John and Lee Venable…and the couple agreed to let us follow them.“
“I think some of the best stories are those where I learn as much as our viewers,” said Browder.  “’Invisible Homeless’ was one of those stories.  Life is complicated.  Happy endings don’t come easy.  People make bad choices, even when offered help.  It was one of the most moving stories in which I’ve ever been involved.  Photographer Greg Clark did a masterful job of portraying a struggling couple.  Our viewers responded to help.  While the Women’s Center honored WRAL for homeless advocacy, I saw first-hand how groups like that are the true heroes making it their life’s work to help.”

The Women’s Center of Wake County provides multiple services to address poverty and homelessness for women in the Triangle.  The organization ultimately hopes to help end homelessness in our area.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’for this capcom photo.

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