Behind the Scenes with WRAL-TV at the State Fair

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Behind the Scenes with WRAL-TV at the State Fair
A Photo Story

Jackie Hyland & Mike Maze
WRAL-TV’s Jackie Hyland & Mike Maze get ready to broadcast from the State Fair.
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What goes on behind the scenes when WRAL-TV broadcasts from the North Carolina State Fair?  WRAL-TV Vice President & General Manager Steve Hammel and WRAL-TV Assignment Editor Kelly Riner shared some of their fun Fair snapshots with Capcom.

Riner also talked to Capcom about her experiences at the 2013 Fair.

On Assignment at the Fair
Working at the State Fair is a lot of work behind the scenes, but it all pays off when we get out there. I enjoy the State Fair week every year. I book the morning guests, plan the content for our coverage, and field produce.

Going out with Jackie Hyland on Preview Day has become a tradition. I can’t tell you how much I love working with her and the crews in the field because it teaches me so much. Each anchor and member of the crew gives me a different perspective on what we do every day. This year, we had two anchors and Greg Fishel at the fair on Friday. Our photographers and engineers work so hard on making sure all of the equipment works for multiple live shots throughout the day.

On Monday, I was working with Debra Morgan and we got to go back stage for the first few songs of Scotty McCreery’s concert. Working with so many crews out the fair, everyone is different and has their own way of doing things. I just hope my being out there can help them! And I definitely try to learn all I can. I know it will make me a better assignment editor and field producer.

Ken Smith Ken Smith
WRAL-TV’s Kelly Riner tells Capcom that Ken Smith is an aficionado of Fair food and that many vendors know him by name!

Oh one other thing….it’s great seeing how happy viewers are when the get to see the anchors. Even if it’s just walking around the fairgrounds while they’re getting a story or when they are up on the platform doing their live shots, it genuinely makes people’s day to get to see them or have their picture made. It’s very nice to see and it reminds you how important our jobs are. People trust us and really see the talent as their as a valued member of their family.

The most amusing moment….Watching Ken Smith and the food vendors! They ALL know him!! Some of them even hug him and greeted him like he was an old friend! He knew them by name. It was so funny.

A Fair Farewell
Enjoy the final days of the Fair this weekend and stop by the WRAL-TV tent outside the Dorton Arena to see several of our anchors and reporters. Check out the schedule here.

Mike Maze, Kelly Riner & Jackie Hyland
WRAL-TV’s Mike Maze (l to r), Kelly Riner & Jackie Hyland.

A Final Note
WRAL-TV Assignment Editor Kelly Riner had one more thought for Capcom about her co-worker, WRAL-TV Anchor Jackie Hyland:

Jackie really taught me HOW to field produce and I will be forever grateful. Any capcom article about my work at the fair would be incomplete if I didn’t give her a shout out. She was so patient with me the first year.That first year I went out I really didn’t know how to field produce. She taught me what is most helpful. That helped me to be more organized and efficient. I love going out with her because it teaches me so much each year.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Kelly Riner this capcom photo.

WRAL-TV at the State Fair

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