New Art Exhibit Opens at American Tobacco

Luke Miller Buchanan paintingAmerican Tobacco recently opened a new art exhibit featuring the work of Luke Miller Buchanan, “There’s No End to Our Story.”

“My work is based in the man-made world,” explains Buchanan.  “On the spaces we create, and also on the spaces in between them that we create unintentionally.”

Buchanan’s paintings capture real places with paint, photographs, found objects from the place, and canvas.

“These places have been seen or used by thousands of people, each one of them an individual with unique experiences,” he said.  “Symbols of our presence on earth, telephone poles, railroad tracks, stairways and buildings, are shared across generations and cultures. In these familiar places, people live and die.”

“These events leave behind a sort of spiritual residue, inseparable from the space, to the individual that lived it,” he continued.  “Life and death, and everything in between, the shared experiences, and the shared spaces, are the focus of my work.”

Buchanan’s mixed media paintings will be on display in the Crowe Lobby Art Gallery from March 14 to April 30, 2014.

Thanks to ATC’s Valerie Ward for this capcom scoop & for these capcom photos.

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