CBC Anti-Bullying Special Garners Strong Involvement On TV & Social Media

Stand Up Speak Out Stop BullyingLast week, CBC spoke out against bullying with our locally produced half-hour special that aired on both WRAL-TV and FOX 50 on Wednesday, March 26, 2014.  “Stand Up, Speak Out Stop Bullying” drew large audience and got a big conversation started.

The two stations combined to reach 160,000 people and generated an active discussion on Twitter last night.

“While the number of viewers is terrific, if we helped just one child our efforts are worthwhile,” said WRAL-TV Vice President & General Manager Steve Hammel.  “Obviously we hope many will Stand Up, Speak Out and Stop Bullying.  It starts with communication and hopefully the communication (broadcast) of the program will help many more than just one child.  The collaboration between our two Stations is quite good on this year round effort.  Helping the community is the type of thing Capitol Broadcasting Company is known to do.”

Nearly 65,000 Raleigh-Durham households tuned in to watch the 30-minute television special that took an in-depth look at bullying and what schools and communities are doing about it.  That means nearly 160,000 saw the program.

A Twitter discussion during the show trended in Raleigh with high reach and exposure:

TweetReach Report for #charactermatters:

  • Estimated reach:  7,777 accounts reached
  • Exposure:  12,962 impressions

“We were very pleased with the sizable audience, the social media interaction, and the positive comments from our viewers,” said FOX 50 Vice President & General Manager Tommy Schenck.  “This is a very serious issue that is on a marked rise in our schools and via social media. If we can help empower our youth to speak up, use TV and our other digital platforms to say it is OK to talk, and provide families in our local communities with proven tools to aid in bully prevention, we can do a lot to start turning this problem around.”

An encore broadcast aired on Saturday, March 29, on FOX 50 and will air once more on Saturday, April 19 at 11:30am on WRAL-TV.  The special can also be viewed on WRAL.com.

“Stand Up, Speak Out, Stop Bullying” was produced in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction as part of its Character Matters Anti-Bullying Campaign.

(Source: NSI Overnights 3/26/14.  *Based on Viewers per HH in Raleigh-Durham DMA from Nielsen Universe estimates 2013-14 season)

Thanks to FOX 50’s Sylvia Lanier for contributions to this capcom story.

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