WRAL’s New Morning Promo Campaign

By: WRAL-TV On-Air Promotion Manager Jay Yovanovich

WRAL-TV Morning News TeamWhen we announced the new Morning team, the first thing that ran through my mind was: new promo campaign!  Obviously we wanted to spread the word immediately, so I thought about ways to create something ‘sticky’, yet turn it around quickly.

As I was watching the ACC Tournament, it hit me.  Basketball themed IDs!  Basketball was top of mind, and the inclusion of a prop (basketball) in the spot made it timely and added a fun dimension to the spots.  Below are the three IDs that we produced, introducing our new Morning team on WRAL.


Then we wanted something a bit more personable in a longer format.  The best way to produce an authentic promo is to simply let your talent talk!  With Spring coming, I wanted a vibrant, spring-like look, so I searched the new Corporate building for a perfect spot.  The contemporary, white look of the Patio conference room with little pops of color was perfect.

We spent about an hour lighting the room and used two different Canon 5D DSLR cameras to achieve a split camera look, which allowed for an interesting array of angles.  The promo is real, nothing scripted.  I just chatted with Renee for about 35 minutes.  The other b-roll was shot with a ‘behind-the-scenes’ purpose, giving viewers a personal glimpse inside the Morning newscasts.

Here is a :30 spot, which is the first of three spots planned.


Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Jay Yovanovich for this capcom story.

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