Leslie’s ‘Scotland: Grace of the Wild’ Wins Album of Year

grace_of_wild.jpgWRAL-TV Anchor Bill Leslie recently received top honors for his latest instrumental album from ZoneMusicReporter.com.  “Scotland: Grace of the Wild” won ZMR Album of the Year.

“I was shocked, humbled and thrilled all in one!” said Leslie.  “It was late in the evening in New Orleans on May 17 when the award was announced at the Joy Theatre by Grammy winner and Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman, one of my idols. I told the audience that I am supposed to be a polished journalist but I had a hard time finding words to express my gratitude.  My previous trip to New Orleans was 1982 when I was covering the UNC Final Four championship win over Georgetown for WRAL FM.  So I do have great feelings about this place.”

Will Ackerman & Bill Leslie

With Windham Hill Records founder and musical legend Will Ackerman (left) presented WRAL-TV’s Bill Leslie the ZMR Album of the Year Award for “Scotland: Grace of the Wild.”

Leslie released “Scotland: Grace of the Wild” in October 2013.  The album sprung from a trip he took to Scotland to celebrate his son’s graduation.  Reviewers began give the album accolades immediately; Indie Critic Week chose the record as its pick of the week on September 22nd.

“I do think it is my best album – technically and musically,” said Leslie.  “Co-producers John Plymale and Bill Covington really stepped up to the plate and give it their all.  The musicians were top notch and the finishing touch was Greg Calbi.  He mastered the album at Sterling Sound in NY.  His client list includes John Lennon, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen and Norah Jones.  It was also the most expensive album I have done so far and I am still trying to break even on it.  This award should help.”

Bill Leslie Album Award

The winning envelope…Bill Leslie’s “Scotland: Grace of the Wild” wins ZMR’s Album of the Year for 2014.

Leslie enjoyed his award-winning trip to Louisiana.

“It was great meeting some of the other musicians in the world music genre,” said Leslie.  “Plus, Will Ackerman said he would love to produce my next album.  I may take him up on it!”

Leslie will play in Wake Forest this Sunday, June 8th with his Celtic-band Lorica.  The concert at the Wake Forest Renaissance Centre begins at 3pm.  Find out more here.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Bill Leslie for these capcom photos.

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