FOX 50’s Kolbe Interviews Stars at ’24: Live Another Day’ VIP Event

Kevin Kolbe

FOX 50 Creative Services Director Kevin Kolbe steps out at the “24: Live Another Day” Red Carpet VIP Premiere.

Jack Bauer is back to the delight of viewers everywhere, and FOX 50 is in the thick of the action.  FOX 50 was one of four FOX affiliates chosen to attend the “24: Live Another Day” Red Carpet VIP Premiere in New York City earlier this spring.  FOX 50 Creative Services Director Kevin Kolbe represented the station at the special event.

“It’s been four years, since Jack Bauer was last seen, so FOX spared no expense in making sure the stars came out,” said Kolbe. “Almost the entire cast was on hand, or should we say, on board The Intrepid. That’s right! The premiere was held on The Intrepid off Pier 86 in New York City. It was quite a sight to be interviewing the cast in the shadow of the massive aircraft carrier.”

Kolbe interviewed all the big stars on the red carpet and posted video on FOX  Check out his chats with everybody from leading man Kiefer Sutherland to creator Robert Cochran here.

The “24: Live Another Day” 12-episode event airs Mondays on FOX 50 at 9pm.

Check out Kolbe’s web series with local radio legend and 24 fanatic Bill Jordan “2 Guys Talking 24” and all things 24: Live Another Day here on

Thanks to FOX 50’s Kevin Kolbe for this capcom photo.

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