Microspace’s Satellite Services Address Needs of Experience Life Church

Faith Based Video Content is Delivered Directly to Campus Locations

satellites.jpgMicrospace is always excited about providing satellite service for new and underserved markets and are pleased to announce a recent addition—Experience Life Church.

Microspace has a long history, over a decade, of working with faith-based media. Currently Microspace delivers content to over 3,000 radio stations nationwide. “We are very excited to add Experience Life Church to our growing list of faith-based clients,” said John H. Bimrose, Director of Wireless & Broadcast Services.

Microspace has successfully delivered Experience Life Church’s video content through VELOCITY: MicroBurst. “Our suite of managed satellite and network services allow churches like Experience Life to easily expand the outreach of their ministries,” said Bimrose.

“At Experience Life, we are using our satellite broadcast to speak live to all of our campuses. As one of the fastest growing churches in the nation, starting new campuses has given us the ability to continue to grow when we have run out of space. We are a multi-site church, which means we are one church meeting in multiple locations. So, satellite has really helped us to accomplish our desire to remain ‘one church’ as we are all hearing the same message at the same time across multiple locations,” said Clayton Walker, Executive Pastor of Experience Life Church.

Currently Experience Life Church sends their content to Raleigh and then Microspace sends it by satellite to their campuses where they project the programming onto large video screens. Timing is unique for these broadcasts, which includes special coordination and vital communication with the campus’s local AV crew. “We are thankful to Microspace for helping Experience Life come together across our campuses as ‘one church,’” said Clayton Walker.

Through MicroBurst Microspace can offer Experience Life Church a predictable monthly cost for their communications needs. Users not only pick the amount of time but can also select the data rate or bandwidth to be utilized during the time of their broadcast. This service has opened the door for customers such as Experience Life Church to receive the best of both worlds – getting high bandwidth video delivery and paying for it only when its needed. The Microburst service allows clients to grow, as their programming needs expand.

“In the future, we hope to incorporate more than just the message in to our broadcast. We are wanting to get even more creative with the broadcasting by having all of our bands playing the same songs together and showing live video of our people singing the same song together across campuses,“ said Clayton Walker.

As with other Microspace services, VELOCITY: MicroBurst uses a small antenna with an inexpensive digital receiver at the remote site. Content is then passed on to a TV/monitor, computer or your corporate LAN, depending on the application. Microspace’s technology has helped Experience Life Church and other organizations grow but not have to invest in expensive satellite equipment.

Thanks to MCC’s Carla Torrence for this capcom story.

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