WRAL-TV First 4K Documentary Airs August 13th

Wool E. Bull

Wool E. Bull is one of the stars of “Take Me Out to the Bulls Game,” a documentary shot in 4K.

“Take Me Out to the Bulls” game is a half-hour WRAL Documentary that immerses viewers in the experience of visiting the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and watching America’s most famous minor league baseball team play a game.

Employing multiple cameras and even a drone over a four-game home stand, the documentary offers perspectives of the DBAP and a Bulls game that a typical fan in the stands would not see.

The documentary also goes behind the scenes to let viewers see the entire production that goes into creating the Bulls experience, from coordinating the on-field events between innings, putting replays and other images on the video boards and shooting off the fireworks. Viewers will get an exclusive look into the control room where those events are managed and even a peek into the Bulls locker room as players prepare for a game.

Throughout the program viewers will hear from members of the Bulls’ staff, including the head groundskeeper, PA announcer, manual scoreboard operator as well as the team’s manager, a star player and fans.

“Take Me Out to the Bulls Game” was originally produced in 4K, or Ultra High Definition, making it the first locally produced program in the country in that format.

Although the documentary was shot in 4K, this broadcast will be in normal high definition.

“Take Me Out to the Bulls Game” airs Wednesday, Aug. 13 at 7 p.m.

  • Watch a preview here

Thanks to WRAL.com for this capcom story & to WRAL-TV’s Jay Yovanovich for this capcom photo.

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