ATC’s Goodmon Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge to the Dunking Booth

Michael Goodmon

ATC’s Michael Goodmon takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to a whole new level with the help of his wife, Liz.

Last week American Tobacco joined the long line of CBC’ers helping raise funds and awareness for ALS.  On Tuesday, August 19, 2014, Corporate Vice President of Real Estate Michael Goodmon accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  James Scott Farrin had challenged him, coming full circle since the Durham Bulls has been the ones to challenge Farrin.

Goodmon’s American Tobacco colleagues came up with the idea he eventually embraced, a dunking booth.  ATC Real Estate Project Manager Rodney Collier added 20 bags of ice to the water in the booth, just prior to the plunge.

All of the American Tobacco staffers got in on the fun.  Goodmon’s kids also took a turn at tossing the ball at the dunking booth lever, but it was his wife, Liz, who finally brought him down.

Thanks to ATC’s Valerie Ward for this capcom scoop.

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