Bull Durham, A New Musical

Capitol Sports Vice President George Habel recently traveled to Atlanta for the premiere of a musical based on the movie ‘Bull Durham’.  He shared his thoughts about the show and this new musical venture on his blog ‘Note to Self‘.  Here’s what Habel had to say:

Bull Durham, The MusicalI must confess that I was in Atlanta Saturday night, September 13, 2014, for a musical. While the Governors’ Cup Championship series was winding down in Durham, I was at the off Broadway premier of Bull Durham – A New Musical. The Bulls came up short – congratz to the PawSox – but the show received a standing ovation.

Yes, I’m biased. This new Bull Durham is a wonderful extension of the iconic movie. The stage characters compare favorably with the movie stars. It’s raucous (and still R-rated.) The choreography is energetic. (Men dancing with baseball bats is something to behold.) There are several memorable songs. Big fun!

Here’s a review from Variety. I’m inclined to believe it suggests the show has potential for Broadway next year. Critics are paid to be critical, but remember, the audience was on its feet at the end of the show. Check out the chatter on Twitter at #BullDurhamMusical.

Thanks to CS’ George Habel for this capcom story & for these capcom photos.


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