Latest WRAL Doc Tackles Domestic Violence, “Enough is eNOugh”

WRAL-TV’s latest Documentary premieres on Thursday, December 18 at 7pm.  The program ties into our station’s domestic violence awareness campaign “eNOugh” with the related title “Enough is eNOough”.

Brandi Baggett“Enough is eNOough” examines the case of Brandi Baggett, a Pitt County woman whose boyfriend abused her.  Baggett got a domestic violence protection order against her boyfriend but he ignored the order and kidnapped her. He ultimately released her and committed suicide. Both Baggett and members of the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office working on the case though she’d end up dead because that’s happened in so many cases there before.

Anitra CoburnOne of the more notable cases was that of Anitra Coburn and her boyfriend Doug Carter.  Carter kidnapped Coburn, held her hostage, murdered her and then tried to kill himself but failed.  He’s serving a life sentence. Coburn’s case was profiled in the 2006 WRAL Documentary “Paper Thin Promise” which shared a duPont Award with another WRAL Documentary “Standards of Living”.

“Enough is eNOugh” examines the problem of domestic violence in our state. It looks at the common threads that the Baggett case shares with so many other cases of domestic abuse.  It also provides the perspective of an abuser and the Wake County program that helped change his behavior. It also looks at how both Wake and Pitt counties are deploying some innovative domestic violence prevention initiatives that could serve as models for other counties across the state and nation.

Debbie Tullos & Melissa Baize

WRAL-TV’s Debbie Tullos puts make-up on WRAL-TV’s Melissa Baize who poses as a domestic violence victim in the documentary’s opening scenes.

Enough is eNOough” is hosted by WRAL News anchor Gerald Owens. It also features a special appearance by WRAL’s Melissa Baize who poses as a domestic violence victim in the documentary’s opening scenes.  WRAL’s Debbie Tullos deserves credit for her outstanding work on Melissa’s make-up.

After the premiere, the documentary will also be available for viewing online by going to and searching for the keyword ‘documentary’.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Clay Johnson for this capcom story & to WRAL-TV’s Jay Jennings for these capcom photos.

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