“A Gentleman Farmer Broadcaster,” Ray Wilkinson

Ray Wilkinson

While rummaging through the CBC trunk of historical treasures, it became apparent that there is one person who has garnered more awards, plaques, trophies, certificates of appreciation than any other person; Ray Wilkinson. There is so much to say about the professional life of Ray Wilkinson, VP of Capitol Broadcasting and accomplished reporter on all […]

MIX 101.5 First-Ever Christmas Choir Competition Concert Held at Crabtree

Deep River School

MIX 101.5 wrapped up their 2014 Christmas Choir Competition Monday night with their first-ever Christmas Choir Competition Concert! First, second and third place choirs from Division I and II joined MIX 101.5’s Gene & Julie at Crabtree Valley Mall to perform their winning entries in the Christmas Choir Competition presented by Lowes Foods.  These six […]