In the News: American Tobacco Celebrated for Revitalization, Start-Ups Support

American Tobacco in 'Our State'

American Tobacco is featured in a photo essay in the February 2015 of ‘Our State’ magazine.

American Tobacco continues to make headlines as a center of professional activity and growth in downtown Durham.  Recently the campus made the February 2015 edition of Our State magazine and a received mention in the national Business Insider website which also drew attention from Triangle Business Journal.

The TBJ article, “Durham’s American Tobacco Campus gets national attention as startup hub” referenced and linked the Business Insider piece, “Check out the awesome campus that is transforming Durham, North Carolina into a startup hub”.  Both stories were posted during the first week of February.

“Durham’s American Tobacco Campus is the subject of a splashy slideshow spread on website Business Insider highlighting the Bull City’s growing national reputation as a tech hub,” reads the TBJ article.

“Much of the activity has focused on the American Tobacco Campus, a former factory complex that has been completely revamped to include hip working spaces, retail, and restaurants and bars. Small startups, accelerators, and venture capital firms have made their homes there,” read the Business Insider feature.

An accompanying slideshow highlights the campus with photos of various locations saying, “The project has transformed what was once an old, unused factory into a hip destination for startups, venture capitalists, and incubators.”

American Tobacco received notice in Our State as part of a photo essay entitled, “The Warehouse Reworked.”  Along with a variety of other locations across the state, American Tobacco receives notice for keeping the mill look while housing start-ups and forward-thinking businesses and entertainment spots.  “That’s the beauty of its resurrection,” reads the piece.

“Having celebrated its 10-year anniversary last year, the American Tobacco Campus has been referred to nationally as ‘the definitive example of re-purposing and re-developing historic properties,’ and began what has been dubbed the Durham Renaissance of downtown,” reads the piece entitled “American Tobacco Factory Revitalized.”


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