And The Grammy Goes To….

Renee Johnson

Renee Johnson of Wilmington is thrilled to find out she won the trip to the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles sponsored by WILM-TV and Sunrise Broadcasting.

Most people hear that phrase echoing through their home from their television set every February, while watching CBS from the comfort of their own home.  But for Renee Johnson of Wilmington, WILM and Sunrise Broadcasting gave her a trip of a lifetime by sending her and her son to the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on February 8th, 2015.

Viewers and listeners were encouraged to register at Perry’s Emporium, the sponsor of our Grammy Giveaway, from Dec. 26th, 2014-Jan. 24th, 2015.  Daily qualifiers were drawn and invited to the Grand Prize Party on Tuesday, January 27th.  They were greeted by several Sunrise & WILM staffers, with Alan Perry himself on the red carpet. Qualifiers had their pictures taken, sipped sparkling cider, and nibbled on hors d’oeuvres from Henry’s while browsing Perry’s stocked jewelry counters.

In a reverse drawing, qualifiers were eliminated one by one and received WILM-TV swag bags full of coozies, lunch boxes, and more.  Last one standing, Renee Johnson received two round trip tickets to LA, three nights hotel accommodations at J.W. Marriott,  two tickets to the Grammy Awards, two tickets to the official Grammy After Party, admission to the Grammy Museum and $300 in spending cash.

Renee quickly phoned her son, 23-year-old Ryan Johnson, to invite him along.

All of us at WILM-TV and Sunrise Broadcasting are eagerly waiting to see some selfies taken at The Staples Center!

The entire prize package was thanks to CBS’s TRIPS for GRP’s program where the station can be reimbursed for the cost of the trip as long as the station airs enough sponsored spots to cover the GRP requirement.  CBS allows for some GRP’s to air on Radio.

So in short, CBS pays for the trip and gets added Grammy promotions on Radio and TV.  The sponsor pays for the airtime and gets tons of exposure on TV, Radio, Web and Social Media, plus shoppers in his store.  The TV and Radio stations split the revenue 50/50.  Everyone wins!

We would like to thank everyone at WILM and Sunrise Broadcasting for putting an all-out effort and worked to make this promotion a huge success.  THAT’S TEAMWORK!!!!!

Thanks to WILM’s Pauline Blanks for this capcom story & photo.

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