WRAL.com Launches New Political Tool

WRAL.comAs the next political season heats up, WRAL.com has a new tool to help you keep track of donors to North Carolina political campaigns.

In late April WRAL.com launched a new tool called Donor Reveal, inspired by Greenhouse, a free browser plug-in developed last year by then-16-year-old Nick Rubin.  Greenhouse tracks campaign finance in the U.S. Congress.

WRAL.com Public Records Researcher/Reporter Tyler Dukes explains the new feature you’ll now see when you read stories on WRAL.com from our @NCCapitol team.

Tyler Dukes“Hover over the name of any sitting state lawmaker mentioned in our coverage, and you’ll instantly see the top donors for his or her most recent campaign for office,” said Duke.  “You can also see how much they collected from contributors during the campaign overall.”

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