Graduations and Grandsons: An Insider’s View of the DBAP with a CBC VP

George Habel & Miles

CS’ George Habel takes his grandson, Miles, to his first Bulls game.

Capitol Sports Vice President George Habel frequently shares an insider view of what’s going on all the Durham Bulls Athletic Park in his blog, Note to Self.  In the past few days he told the tale from two big events at the ballpark:  the Bulls hosting the Duke graduation and Habel treating his young grandson to his first adventure at the DBAP.  Here’s what Habel had to say:

New Ballpark Dress Code: Cap & Gown
We hosted Duke University’s Commencement last Sunday. Traditionally, it’s held in Duke’s football stadium, but extensive renovations are underway there. So, we welcomed over 15,000 grads, family and faculty on a misty Mother’s Day morning. I’m thankful that we dodged a downpour. Heavy rain would have wreaked havoc on the turf. (Always worrying about the grass!)

Befitting Duke’s world class reputation, this event is meticulously planned and organized. Of course, they’ve had considerable practice. This was #163. I hope some of their attention to detail rubbed off on us. And I’ve dropped the hint that our head groundskeeper, Scott Strickland, should be considered for an honorary degree in logistics.

…but they ignored my suggestion that we hawk hot dogs, beer and peanuts. I struggle with the concept of pomp and circumstance.

Seriously, it was the Durham Bulls great privilege to have Duke University in our house…en masse.

Take Your Grandchild to Work Day
He wasn’t intimidated by the crowd and commotion. He seemed to notice the crack of the bat. He preferred section 200 to the VIP club. He was enthralled by the cup holder on his seat. The fountain on our entry plaza was most enticing.

That’s the summary of my grandson’s Saturday outing to his first Durham Bulls game. It was a big day for our family!

The grand finale for 9.5 month old Miles was an encounter with Wool E. Bull. There were no signs of the dreaded childhood scourge known as mascot anxiety. Wool E. cordially extended his hoof; Miles confidently reached for his muzzle. A friendship was born. Hopefully, Miles will develop an affection for the National Pastime. That may take a few more years, but at least we’re off to a good start with Wool E. Bull!

Thanks to CS’ George Habel for these blog entries & capcom photos.


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