A Closer Look at CBC’s Video Art Collection: A Time To Reflect and Appalachian Beauty, 2015

Appalachian Beauty

A still from the video art piece ‘Appalachian Beauty’ by Steve Elizondo.

The halls of Capitol Broadcasting’s Western Blvd headquarters became a veritable art gallery during a remodel several years ago and part of that collection included several locations for video art throughout the buildings.  CBC featured the work of several North Carolina artists and now has gone a step further to feature the video art of a few of our very talented employees.

CBC’s Video Art collection rotates around the buildings and during the month of May included the work of three different CBC employees.

Today we take a closer look at the video created from the photography of WRAL-TV Digital Media Administrator Steve Elizondo’s ‘A Time To Reflect’ and ‘Appalachian Beauty’:

Elizondo shared about his love of the camera and how he came to create these two pieces:

I still remember when I first found out about the high definition shooting abilities of the camera you see around my shoulders at the WRAL Balloon Fest last month:  the thought that I was going to be able to combine the beauty of high definition video with the power of SLR photography literally made me dizzy with excitement back in 2010.

'A Time To Reflect'

A still from the video art piece ‘A Time to Reflect’ by Steve Elizondo.

The Canon 5D Mark II is tailor-made for something like the CBC Video Art Project.  It allows me to do what I’ve always loved to do most — to bring back some of the views that God blesses me with for all to see.  It’s the “gee, I wish everyone I know could see what I’m seeing right now” feeling that is satisfied here.

The two pieces, “A Time to Reflect” and “Appalachian Beauty” represent some of what I’ve come to really love about my life in North Carolina.  The fact that I would be in a position to explore my love of photography, and be completely professionally fulfilled simultaneously, is a very special gift that I enjoy very, very much.

“A Time to Reflect” is actually a series of time lapse that I shot in my own front yard in North Raleigh on a Saturday afternoon a few years ago.  The glimmers of light are created by trees swaying in the soft afternoon breezes.  The large format images allowed me to take different parts of the same shots, and “sample” them in different color treatments.  I picked primary colors, in some way a nod to a favorite artist of mine — Joan Miro, and used them in four separate sections of the work.

“Appalachian Beauty” is simply what can be seen through the “window” that I carry with me when our family goes on hikes (or in this case bike rides) together on trips.

It’s truly amazing to me… everyone has a gift.  Mine is being at special places at special times — like a sunrise on Julian Price Lake in the Appalachian Mountains, or a cool sunny afternoon on the Virginia Creeper trail near Damascus in the fall.  This camera allows me to capture those special times, and share it with my friends.

That opportunity is just one more thing that makes working at Capitol Broadcasting so rewarding for me.

Jami & Steve Elizondo

WRAL-TV Digital Media Administrator Steve Elizondo and his wife, Jami.

About Steve Elizondo
Elizondo originally thought he would go into print journalism until he walked into his first television station at the age of 18.  By the time he was 19, he was working full-time in television, in the Beaumont/Port Arthur/Orange market in southeast Texas while earning a Communications degree from Lamar University.

He came to CBC 29 years ago this July.  He started as a News Photographer in 1986, and then transitioned to Local Production as a Post Production Editor in 1991.  Elizondo then became Senior Post Production Editor in 1993, before taking on his current title of Digital Media Administrator shortly after WRAL-TV completed the transition to High Definition Television around the turn of the century where he focuses on helping the creative team at WRAL grow in Non-Linear, Computer-based editing.

“The rise of the DSLR, particularly the Canon 5D, allowed me to get back to what I love most — being creative with a camera,” said Elizondo.  “It made me realize that turning fifty didn’t mean that I needed to slow down.  In a lot of ways, I feel like I’m just hitting my stride.”

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  • “A Time To Reflect” is currently located upstairs in CBC’s Corporate building.  “Appalachian Fall Beauty” has been located outside WRAL-TV VP & GM Steve Hammel’s office on the lower level of the WRAL news building; after being announced the winners of the CBC Employee WRAL Garden Photo Contest are currently in that location.
  • VIDEO:  View “Appalachian Fall Beauty”
  • VIDEO:  View “A Time To Reflect”

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