Durham Bulls Dedicate Father’s Day Home Game to Give 1 For Dad Campaign Support

Give 1 For DadThe Durham Bulls see the value in helping Dads, all of them. To that end the team has joined the effort to support the Durham, NC campaign called Give 1 For Dad that began on May 5 to raise $1 million for the Duke Cancer Institute (DCI) to conduct a clinical trial that could result in a new treatment opportunities for those with advanced prostate cancer.

DCI, part of the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC is prepared to launch the trial to test the the protocol, nicknamed Copper Kills Cancer. As it is based on a generic drug, funding for the clinical trial is elusive. Give 1 For Dad has been launched to raise the money necessary to start the trial; this will be the first time a clinical trial at Duke has been funded this way. “With government funding for medical research in decline, it has been difficult to find support for this study, especially since this is an unconventional approach to treatment,” said Dr. Daniel George, the Director of Genitourinary Oncology at the Duke Cancer Institute. “This fundraising campaign is exciting to me because I think this protocol has real promise. We’ll never know until we try this approach in patients, and Give 1 For Dad can make that possible for us,” George added.

“Duke brings world class medicine, Give1ForDad brings the passion and the Durham Bulls will bring attention to this cause,” said Bulls’ Vice President George Habel.

“Our players will wear Give1ForDad wristbands, and we will use our Father’s Day game to raise awareness and funding for the clinical trial. Don’t give Dad a neck tie Sunday; bring him to the ball game!”

The protocol is described in great detail on the campaign’s website (www.Give1ForDad.com) where site visitors can donate, as well as share and read stories about the people for whom donations are made, and find information on how to get involved with the campaign where they live.

“The campaign has been live for about six weeks, and dollars are coming in, but an exposure opportunity like this is a bit like a home run with the bases loaded,” said Sam Poley, Give 1 For Dad’s founder. The campaign is crowdfunding, but unlike efforts people have seen before. DCI has its own fundraising mechanism online, and all donations to the campaign are made directly to Duke through that mechanism. “100% of the money donated goes directly to Duke, and as money is donated it goes directly to this specific study and it can be dispersed to the doctors,” Poley said. Once the campaign hits $50,000, Dr. George can start the trial, Poley added. Representatives from Give 1 For Dad and the Duke Cancer Institute will be on hand at the game to take donations, share information, and answer questions.

The campaign costs are being underwritten by Poley who has secured generous donations of time and effort from Durham businesses Evan T. Howell Communications, LeGa Design, and Pausback Advertising. Those interested can follow the campaign across social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all of which are linked on the website. Those posting on the matter are encouraged to use the hashtag #Give1ForDad.

About Give 1 For Dad
Give 1 For Dad is a private effort to crowdsource the funds necessary for the Duke Cancer Institute to launch a clinical trial to test a novel approach to treat advanced prostate cancer patients. The effort, launched by a private citizen, is approved by the Duke Cancer Institute, to which all funds raised are donated directly. All administrative costs were either donated by vendors or paid for out of pocket by the founder.

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Thanks to DBBC’s George Habel for this capcom story.

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