The Summer Melt is On at WRAL-TV

WRAL Ice Sculpture

The WRAL ice sculpture begins its melt. Here it is outside by the fountain after one hour in the heat at 7am on Thursday, June 25th.

The early summer heatwave has folks in the Triangle feeling like we’re melting, and WRAL-TV decided to throw an icy spin on the sweltering temperatures.  WRAL commissioned local artist Todd Dawson to create an 1,800 pound ice sculpture placed out front of the station by the fountain beginning at 6am on Thursday, June 25, 2015.

How long will it take to melt?  WRAL has a livestream video running to time the big melt. We welcome viewers to guess how long it’ll take using #itsmeltingWRAL on social media.  Also, share your pictures and comments with the hashtag #itsmeltingWRAL.

Happy guessing!

Thanks to WRAL-TV for this capcom photo.

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