Over $50K and 9,600 Lbs: Generous MIX Listeners Help BackPack Buddies

MIX 101.5 BackPack Buddies

WRAL-FM’s Nasia Creamer helps collect donations for the MIX 101.5 BackPack Buddies Food Drive on Saturday, August 15, 2015.

On Saturday, August 15, 2015, WRAL-FM staffers took a day of their weekend to help keep local children fed.  Listeners brought food and monetary donations to collection locations manned by MIX personalities at both Crossroads Plaza and Brier Creek Commons in Raleigh.  MIX 101.5’s annual BackPack Buddies Food Drive raised over $50,000 and collected 9,600 pounds of food to help feed hungry kids in the Triangle.

“MIX 101.5 continues to amaze me with how much they give back to the community,” said WRAL-FM Morning Show Producer Casey Tate, who participated in his first MIX BackPack Buddies Food Drive on Saturday.  “I am excited to get in there and raise awareness for families that cannot afford food for their children.”

The drive supports the InterFaith Food  Shuttle’s BackPack Buddies program, which provides food over the weekends for children in need.  Children can get free or reduced breakfast and lunches during the school days, but may have little or nothing to eat over the weekends.  BackPack Buddies ensures these children leave school on Friday with a backpack full of food.

MIX 101.5 BackPack Buddies

WRAL-FM’s Patrick McMahon (left) with kind donors at the MIX 101.5 BackPack Buddies Food Drive on Saturday, August 15, 2015.

WRAL-FM Programming Assistant Patrick McMahon also experienced the event for the first time this year.

“This was my first year broadcasting on-site with the Backpack Buddies Food Drive and from start to finish I was blown away,” said McMahon.  “From individual donations, parents making donations for other families, even small children banding together with lemonade stands to raise money, I was humbled by the generosity I witnessed. I will forever remember a young man named James who had nothing to give, but still reached into his pocket to hand over his last wrinkled dollar.”

McMahon has a special connection to knowing what it means to help school children in need.

MIX 101.5 BackPack Buddies

WRAL-FM’s Angela Campi helps collect donations at the MIX 101.5 BackPack Buddies Food Drive on Saturday, August 15, 2015.

“My sister is a Principal in Wake County and my parents are both retired educators,” he said.  “From an early age I’ve seen the difficulties that schools and administrators face when they send their kids home on the weekend. To have a program such as Backpack Buddies, and a partner like the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, is a true gift to our community. I’m truly honored, and humbled, to be able to contribute in even the smallest way.”

Learn more about BackPack Buddies here: http://foodshuttle.org/we-feed/childrens-hunger-relief/backpack-buddies/

Thanks to all the generous MIX 101.5 listeners who brought food and made monetary donations to the 2015 MIX 101.5 BackPack Buddies Food Drive.

Didn’t get a chance to contribute?  No worries.  Go to www.wralfm.com to donate.

Thanks to MIX 101.5 for these capcom photos.

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