Chocolate, Crickets and Radio

Chocolate Buggy Bark

MIX 101.5 staffers got a chance to try Chocolate Buggy Bark in honor of BugFest 2015.

When you work for a broadcasting company, you never know what you’ll be asked to do.  Things at MIX 101.5 got a little Survivor-esque on Thursday, September 17, 2015, when Morning Show Producer Casey Tate made the rounds with chocolate bugs, asking his co-workers to give them a try.

“All four of us on the show ate the bugs and were not bad at all!” said Tate.  “You could really only taste the chocolate.  I went around the sales floor and pressured people to give it a try.  I think I got 3 people to try it.  They were picking cricket legs out of their teeth!  That crunchy texture was a little weird.”

Tate couldn’t convince WRAL-FM Promotion Coordinator Brittany Goodman.

“Because I hate both bugs and chocolate I opted out (and ran away like a four-year-old),” she told Capcom.

But he did get WRAL-FM Account Executive Mary-Katherine Walston to give it a go.

Chocolate Buggy Bark

Chocolate Buggy Bark

“Casey did talk me into trying some chocolate this morning….with crickets hanging out of each end!” she said.  “The taste was quite pleasant…but when you get to the really good part of tasting the texture of a crunchy leg…not as pleasant.”

The fun all started in honor of upcoming Bugfest at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences which takes place on Saturday.

“It actually was more of a mind game than actually eating them,” said Tate.  “Once you get past that, then you are good to go.  They were also roasted beforehand so they were not uncooked.”

Listen to what happened when Tate and his Morning Show mates Gene and Julie Gates and Patrick McMahon gave the chocolatey crickets a taste.

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Casey Tate for these capcom photos.

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