FOX 50 Staffer Become Queen of Scream

Sierra & Maddie

Sierra & Maddie will give FOX 50’s “Scream Queen” fans all the latest on “Scream Time.”

Sorority girls meet serial killers on a new FOX 50 show and the combination piqued the interest of FOX 50 Creative Services Assistant Clarke.  She turned her fan-dom into a way to help plug the program with a webcast of her own.

“We always look for ways, hopefully creative, to tie-into our shows and tap into a social conversation,” said FOX 50 Creative Services Director Kevin Kolbe.  “Scream Queens is one of the more buzzed shows coming this FALL and Sierra was a fan from the first trailer and actually pitched the idea.”

We contacted Clarke and she shared the story of how “Scream Time with Sierra and Maddie” is going to become a staple of FOX 50 online this fall:

The FOX 50 creative team was searching for a creative way to promote Scream Queens and the idea of doing a recap web show came up (I had a short lived recap web show for last summer’s worst show on TV: I Wanna Marry Harry and it had gotten a good amount of attention and we thought “WHAT IF WE DO THIS FOR A SHOW THAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE?”) “Scream Time” was born.

I am a HUGE American Horror Story fan and I love Emma Roberts playing the mean girl so I was ready to go from the first teaser promo! I felt that this recap needed more than just me; I needed someone to share the passion for the show, someone that I could play off of, and someone that I could be funny with. My college roommate/best friend was ready to take on the challenge! So “Scream Time” became “Scream Time with Sierra and Maddie”.

Scream Time

“Scream Time with Sierra and Maddie” will give you all the latest on “Scream Queens” on FOX 50.

Scream Queens is a dark comedy with a fun fashion component. Our next goal was to get a clothing sponsor so provide looks for the web show. We searched near and far and found a great fit with Apricot Lane–they have 3 locations in the Triangle! They provide “Chanel” inspired outfits and accessories for Maddie and me each week. A “Chanel” inspired look is referring to the group of high fashion sorority girls on the show, they are the “Chanels”.

Scream Queens 2-hour series premiere aired Tuesday, September 22nd at 8pm on FOX 50.  The first episode of “Scream Time with Sierra and Maddie” went up online the next morning.  Check it out:

After the premiere Scream Queens airs on Tuesday’s at 9pm and “Scream Time” will be filmed, produced, and posted every Wednesday!

We are so excited to share this experience with the Scream Queens fans because there are so many fans of the show already and it hasn’t even aired! Our goal is to talk to them, laugh with them, and even mourn with them. (NO SPOILERS but the show is about a serial killer running around campus killing a bunch of sorority girls who dress really cute.)

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Thanks to FOX 50’s Sierra Clarke for this capcom scoop & for these capcom photos.

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