WRAL at the Fair: Fried Fair Food Reviews

Renee Chou

WRAL-TV’s Renee Chou tries out some of the fried food at the NC State Fair Media Luncheon on Monday, October 12, 2015.

The North Carolina State Fair means fun and food, and several CBC staffers got a chance to preview the latest treats before opening day.

“The State Fair Media Luncheon was great this year,” said WRAL-TV Assignment Editor Kelly Riner. “Usually, lunch is catered and then we get a few treats to sample. This year, everything was from vendors. We got to sample everything new!”

But the day wasn’t only about the food.

“In addition to the food, we heard from fair leaders about special events and some changes to this year’s fair,” said Riner.  “They talked about safety and offered tips for parking, etc. Afterward, I stay and sit down with the PIOs to line up all of our guests for the entire run of the fair. We’ve got some great morning, noon, and evening guests this year! There’s definitely something for everyone ranging from the Axe Women of Maine to Livestock Champions.”

WRAL-TV personalities will be on hand to greet visitors at the Fair again this year.  Check out the schedule to find out when your favorites will be signing autographs in the WRAL Tent:

WRAL-TV Morning Anchor Renee Chou will be one personality in the WRAL Tent.  She also got a chance to sample the food on State Fair Media Day on Monday, October 12, 2015.  She gave capcom a rundown of what she thought of some of the fried treats:

The deep fried PB pickles was one of the most awful things I have ever tasted! But I do not like pickles. Still, there were other pickle lovers there who tried it and agreed it was nasty.

Another new creation I did not care for… Bacon wrapped deep fried tootsie roll. I could see they were going for the salty and sweet… But It did not excite my taste buds. And it was hard to eat… With the chewy bacon and gooey tootsie roll… Not a fan, but I’m sure people will try it out!

I also tried the deep fried moon pies! Those were delicious! You can’t go wrong with chocolate and marshmallow.

There was also deep fried pork chop barbecue sandwich was good. And Neomonde had some healthy offerings with quinoa tabbouleh and chickpea fries that were delicious and a nice reprieve from the deep-fried treats!

Fair Food

WRAL-TV’s Ken Smith (l to r), Kelly Riner & Lynda Loveland enjoy sampling food at State Fair Media Luncheon on Monday, October 12, 2015.

Riner also gave us the 4-1-1 on her opinions of the latest fried foods:

I loved the deep fried pimento cheese. It was sort of like a wonton but tasted like grilled cheese. The deep fried strawberry pop tart was surprisingly good. It was sweet, but not too sweet and had strawberry jam on top.  Of the things I tried, I would not recommend the bacon wrapped, deep fried tootsie roll. The taste wasn’t too bad but the consistency was off for me. It was very sticky. Everyone asked if I tried the deep fried peanut butter pickle. I’m allergic to peanuts, so no. But, I wouldn’t have been brave enough anyway!

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Kelly Riner & Renee Chou for these capcom photos.

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