Z 107.5 Brings Anti-Bullying Program to New Hanover County Students

Tom Thelen

Anti-bullying speaker and author Tom Thelen poses with New Hanover County School students after a program on October 15, 2015.

“Be the Change,” Tom Thelen told students at Gregory Elementary and Murray Middle School on Thursday, October 15, 2015.

Thanks to Independence Mall and Z 107.5FM (WAZO), members of the Wilmington community, and students from several schools were able to learn the tools to become Victimproof, which is the name of Tom Thelen’s new book. Thelen is one of America’s top anti-bullying speakers and has spoken at over 500 schools about how to break the victim mindset and stand up against bullying.

Thelen encouraged students to speak up when they’re being bullied, and to speak up for other’s who won’t speak up for themselves. He also told students that bullying is simply a perceived power imbalance, and to be the bigger person in any bullying situation; bullying can’t be remedied with more bullying. However, the most important piece of advice that Thelen offered the students was to forgive their bullies, and to not allow all the pain and suffering they go through to affect their future spouse, children, and friends.

Tom Thelen

Anti-bullying speaker and author Tom Thelen talks to New Hanover County School students on October 15, 2015.

Later on Thursday, Thelen spoke at Life Community Church in Independence Mall, where he inspired parents and families to stand together and support their children if bullying becomes an issue in their family. Thelen shared his own family experiences to shine a light on how to handle the stresses of everyday life and to become better equipped with the tools to teach children how to conquer their bullies.

The schools responded positively to the program.  WAZO these comments from two New Hanover County Schools after the events:

Good morning all,

I’d like to share that on behalf of the students and staff of Lake Forest Academy that we are extremely thankful for not only being included in the Anti-Bullying Campaign and Tom Thelen presentations yesterday, but were also made to feel that we are equally as important as all other students that were in attendance. Our students greatly enjoyed the experience and I believe took note of a valuable message from the presenter, as many of them can identify with it. I personally want to say thank you for genuinely giving us an opportunity not usually afforded by our program.

My sincerest gratitude,
Larry Herrick
Teacher , Lake Forest Academy


 You’ve beat me to the punch to say THANK YOU!!! All I hear are rave reviews! This has been a phenomenal experience. Your dedication and support for our students is beyond anything I have ever experienced, since coming to Wilmington!

Judy Orr Stubblefield
Bully Prevention Coordinator, New Hanover County Schools

For more information, please visit www.tomthelen.com

Thanks to Sunrise Broadcasting’s Lauren LaMothe and Mary Davis for this capcom story & for these capcom photos.

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