More Fair Fried Food: CBC Radio Reviews

Brittany Goodman

WRAL-FM’s Brittany Goodman samples the fried foods available at the State Fair Media Day on Monday, October 12, 2015.

Last week we took a look at what a couple of WRAL-TV staffers thought of the fried food at the Fair, so we thought it only ‘fair’ to have two radio peeps weigh in as well.  WRAL-FM Promotion Coordinator Brittany Goodman and 99.9 The Fan Radio Sports Talk Host Joe Ovies both attended the Media Day to preview the fried features and have been enjoying the fun ever since.

“I absolutely loved the fried s’more!” said Goodman.  “It was the perfect size, super warm and chewy and just enough chocolate not to be overpowering! I didn’t know it was possible to deep fry a marshmallow but somehow the guys at the state fair did it!”

Goodman admits that she didn’t try the “terrifying peanut butter pickle” but Ovies did.

“I will say the deep fried peanut butter pickle was…not very good,” he said.  “The flavors just didn’t work. However, I was a huge fan of the ‘Fry Me Over The Moon’.”

Goodman also braved the fried pimento cheese and jalapeno hushpuppies “which taste just as good as they sound!” she said.  “There was a bit of a kick, but nothing too offending for a spice-wimp such as myself! I could see myself getting into a lot of trouble eating several of them! So good!”

Joe Ovies

99.9 The Fan’s Joe Ovies and his family try out the ever-popular Fishel Faces at the 2015 State Fair.

Ovies did his share of eating on Media Day, but he had another important mission as well.

“Now that my kids are 7 and 4, I spent more time on rides and trying to win prizes,” he said.  “I commend the midway game operators for being really good with the kids and being rather generous with prizes. This year more than any other year it seemed they were all about putting a smile on the kids face.”

CBC’ers have a few more days to experience the fried foods and more at the N.C. State Fair.  The fun lasts through Sunday, October 25th.

Thanks to WRAL-FM’s Brittany Goodman and 99.9 The Fan’s Joe Ovies for these capcom photos.

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