CBC’s Hoffman and Burgess Transform as Leaders in Fall Leadership Triangle Program

Vernessa Hoffman & Jim Goodmon

Corp’s Vernessa Hoffman receives her Leadership Triangle Transforming Leaders diploma from Corp’s Jim Goodmon.

Two more CBC’ers have joined the ranks of Goodmon Fellows.  American Underground Design Director Meredith Burgess and Corp Compliance Director Vernessa Hoffman both graduated from Leadership Triangle’s Transforming Leaders program on Wednesday, December 2, 2015.  The ceremony took place at the Kenan Flager Business School on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill.

Corp Compliance Director Vernessa Hoffman and American Underground Director of Design Meredith Burgess were among the 18 participants who attended twice-monthly classes from September to December.

“You can never stop learning and I wanted to improve my leadership skills,” said Hoffman.  “I heard so much about Leadership Triangle from other Goodmon Fellows and had the honor of attending WRAL-Tonya Faison (WRAL-TV Assistant Business Manager)’s graduation.  Everyone that went through the program talked so highly about it and their learning experience.”

The Transforming Leaders program instructs those who want to become more effective and transformative leaders.  This program is designed to meet the individualized developmental goals of each participant.

Hoffman could not choose one aspect of the program she liked best, saying the whole program was impactful.

“The instructors are phenomenal!  If you think you know everything about being a leader, you are wrong!” she said.  “Winkie, Joe, Prinny and Mark will make you examine what you thought you knew about your leadership skills and help you to pull out the best leader in you!!  Not only will you work on your leadership skills, you work on knowing yourself and becoming a better person!”

Meredith Burgess & Jim Goodmon

AU’s Meredith Burgess receives her Leadership Triangle Transforming Leaders diploma from Corp’s Jim Goodmon.

Hoffman enjoyed learning to look at leadership in a new way.

“The class is unique and unlike any other leadership training that I have been a part of,” she said.  “I learned so much about my leadership style!  The difference between managing and leading really stood out to me.  I didn’t just learn about my strengths; I learned about my weaknesses, also.”

Hoffman highly recommends the Transforming Leaders program.

“If you have the opportunity to participate in this class, DO IT!” said Hoffman.  “You will learn so much and definitely will not regret it!”

Leadership Triangle’s 2016 Regional Leadership Program is currently underway, taking place this winter and spring.  Participants explore diverse issues in the Triangle such as economic development, immigration, the environment, human services, and education to name a few.  Find out more about both the Transforming Leaders and Regional Programs here:  www.leadershiptriangle.com

Thanks to Leadership Triangle’s Winkie La Force for these capcom photos.

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