Farm Bureau Honors Santiago and Gooch for WRAL Doc “Inside Cuba”

Leyla Santiago & Zac Gooch

WRAL-TV’s Leyla Santiago & Zac Gooch (right) are presented with a Farm Bureau Award for the WRAL documentary “Inside Cuba.”

WRAL Anchor/Reporter Leyla Santiago and WRAL Photojournalist Zac Gooch received an award following their hard work on the documentary, “Inside Cuba.”

The North Carolina Farm Bureau presented them with the organization’s Communications Award for 2015. The award is given each year to members of the media who exhibit fair and balanced coverage and outstanding insight into the state’s agricultural industry.

Santiago says her work with the Farm Bureau started long before her trip to Cuba, but the trip she and Zac Gooch made with them solidified the partnership.

“Zac and I are very grateful the Farm Bureau chose to honor us this year. We’re even more grateful they allowed us to be part of their trip to Cuba. That trip gave our viewers a unique opportunity to see Cuba through the eyes of a North Carolina farmer,” Santiago said.

Farm Bureau Award

The Farm Bureau Award for the WRAL documentary “Inside Cuba.”

She credits the Farm Bureau for the unique perspective she and Gooch were able to share with WRAL viewers.

“What was so amazing about being with them was nothing was off limits. No meeting, no person, no activity that they were part of was restricted. They allowed us to be there. The access the Farm Bureau provided to us was crucial to our telling the story,” Santiago shared.

She said it was a real honor to be recognized for their work with North Carolina Farmers. She said she always enjoys working on stories with the farmers in our area.

“Whether it’s reaching out to farmers when we have bad weather affecting crops or a big trip like Cuba, farmers always make some of the best characters in stories. They are always honest, and they are always real. I love featuring them in stories.”


Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Kelly Riner for this capcom story & for these capcom photos.

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