NBC News Anchor Lester Holt Trivia Questions

Throwback Thursday: CBC History

We enjoyed meeting NBC News anchor Lester Holt last week. Learn some more facts about him.

  1. Lester Holt co-anchored the evening news at WBBM in Chicago with a former WRAL news anchor? Name that person.

a) Bobbie Battista
b) Adele Arakawa
c) Sandra Bookman
d) Shelly Kofler

2. Lester Holt enjoys playing a musical instrument. Name that instrument.

a) Saxophone
b) Trumpet
c) Bass guitar
d) Piano

3. Lester Holt’s nickname is “iron pants.” How did he get that nickname?

a) Extra starch in the creases of his slacks
b) He was a winning wrestler in high school
c) His ability to stay on – air for hours. When there’s breaking news, he doesn’t want to leave the anchor chair.
d) While covering the Iraq war, he did not change his clothes for a week.

4. Lester’s son, Stefan, is a news anchor at WMAQ (NBC 5) in Chicago. What cool thing was Stefan able to do with his father?

a) Play in a celebrity basketball game at half-time during a Chicago Bulls game.
b) At the end of a WMAQ newscast, Stefan was able to “toss” to his father for the NBC Nightly news tease.
c) Father and son wore the same color suit, shirt, and tie for their newscast.
d) Stefan wished his father “happy birthday” on the air.

5. Lester Holt was born on March 8, 1959 in which California city.

a) Los Angeles
b) Sacramento
c) San Diego
d) San Francisco



  1. b) Adele Arakawa
    Adele worked at WRAL from March, 1983 to December 1988. She then worked for WBBM and is now anchoring at KUSA in Denver.
Adele Arakawa and Lester Holt

Adele Arakawa and Lester Holt

2. c) Bass guitar

Lester Holt

3. c) His ability to stay on the air for hours during breaking news.

Lester Holt

Lester Holt anchoring NBC Nightly News

4. b) Toss to his father for the NBC Nightly news.
“BREAKING NEWS” Stefan has just been hired by WNBC in New York City to anchor the station’s 4 p.m. weekday newscast starting in April. He will be able to share a ride to the office with his father. The news was announced February 16, 2016.

Stefan and Lester Holt

Stefan Holt tosses to his father, Lester Holt.

5. d) San Francisco

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